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Our products have directly impacted well over 100,000 customers in 132 countries around the world and counting!

Over 127,000 lives impacted

A proven track record

This business system was developed over 10 years ago & embodies a global community of like minded men and women who are passionate about assisting individuals with the teachings of our proven business system and Personal Growth principles. 

I come from a Pilates teacher back ground. I always need to work a flexible schedule no matter what I do. Flexibility isn't enough when you have a family of 4 and a strong travel bug!! I also needed a  business to fit my flexible schedule. This business is exactly that. So we decided to take our family with the business on a 3 month trip to Australia and South East Asia. I have to pinch myself that this is my reality now. A business that is truly flexible!!

Kristine Bene

"From the moment I got started here I've been provided with so much training and support. Being among a community of like minded people has tremendously assisted me in creating shifts in so many areas of my life. And as a new mom I feel blessed that I get to run a successful business on a flexible and part time schedule".

Lise Reitsma


"Living a life of abundance can sometimes be just a decision away.  There came a time in my life when I was tired of endless struggles to achieve some sense of stability in my profession. This is when I came across this opportunity and I took the decision of joining this business that I am so proud of now."-Seema Sharma   

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Let's first hear from Lise Reitsma - my mentor and coach

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Seema Sharma

Hello, my awesome visitor! Let me introduce myself to you. I’m SEEMA, an educator by profession. I have been into education for a good 2 decades now and have worked with some of the elite educational institutions before venturing into business. And now I run a business in personal development industry that I am truly passionate about.

As a family of four we immigrated to Canada aspiring for better opportunities. My initial journey here has been quite seamless and I found myself a reasonable good professional opportunity within a month of landing here.

However, contrary to my expectations, I found myself working crazy hours, literally having no time left to cook for the family or talk to my kids, let alone having some leisure time. The days (and nights too!!) were extremely tiring and stressful but I kept giving my best. After three months of the toil, I was asked to take up a different position in the organization which wasn’t in alignment with my professional goals. I sat myself back and thought what this job is going to offer me; no time (AT ALL for myself), not a lucrative compensation (wasn’t enough to meet my monthly expenses), no acknowledgment of my hard word (based on my experience thus far) and did not FEEL RIGHT (just had this gut feeling). So, I followed my instincts and decided to call it quits.

The beginning of our first winters in Saskatoon, November 2020. We dared to dream the Canadian Dream in 2018 and took THAT leap of faith and the Universe has shown us that dreams do come true.

This one with my sunny boy. I so love to help my budding vlogger in his You Tube  journey. He is a digital enthusiast and I get to learn exciting new hacks from him everyday

The leisure trip to Goa, India. Those fun and family times. Cherished memories. 

My kind of picture. Always wanted to SPREAD MY WINGS AND FLY AWAY. This one is from my first solo trip to London. 
(Sunny Hill Park, Hendon, London) 

It was after this that THIS business opportunity came my way. Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure when I requested the information. BUT, the moment I got to know of the products that the business deals in I knew this was the SIGN from the UNIVERSE. And, I took that leap of faith. I have been applying the principles of law of attraction, raised vibrations and the likes since as far back as I can remember, though unknowingly. Always interested in empowering myself I have journeyed into a number of related resources which led me to THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (by Joseph Murphy) and THE SECRET (by Rhonda Byrne). This is where I started to feel having a certain direction. But, the information and strategies to follow were still scattered across various platforms and it was difficult to achieve the desired results.

When I read through the award winning personal development products that my business offers, I was thrilled beyond measure. I am IN here now and absolutely love IT.       

My business allows me to be where I choose to be and still run it seamlessly. I really don’t have to think about VACATIONS anymore. This actually has taken away a lot of stress of thinking about office breaks while visiting my home country. Such freedom of TIME was only ‘I WISH…’ before I got into this business.

This is truly EMPOWERING in terms of my own PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, my FINANCES and my TIME.

So, if this is something you too aspire for GET IN TOUCH SOON.   

I am excited to work with self-motivated people who are essentially willing to empower their ‘SELF’ and want to spend life by CHOICE and not by CHANCE.

Come, let’s make FREEDOM and FLEXIBILITY our WAY OF LIFE!